10 Lucrative Small Scale businesses in Nigeria you can start with Small Capital

Small Scale Business Ideas There are so many business opportunities in Nigeria that one can do successfully. Many people are poor not because there are no opportunities but because of their inability to recognize the opportunities and utilize them. The meaning of poor is “passing over opportunity repeatedly” and that is the problem of most people. They pass over opportunities repeatedly without making use of them and that is the reason why they remain poor. In this article, I have packaged a lot of small scale businesses in Nigeria that you can do successfully with small amount of money. So if you have been looking for the right business opportunity in Nigeria you can ventured into, count yourself lucky to be reading this article, as I will be sharing some small scale business ideas with you that can give you the needed financial freedom, if properly utilized. This business ideas are meant for everyone whether employed, underemployed or unemployed, as most of the business opportunities can be started with as low as 20,000 naira. So without wasting your time, these are the 10 lucrative small scale business ideas in Nigeria you can start immediately:

1. Palm oil storage business: storing palm oil during peak season and reselling during off-peak season is a great business that can fetch you a lot of money depending on the amount of capital you have. This is an aspect of business I love so much; in fact I’ve been doing this business for the past eight years. I know a lot about this business because that is the business of my mother. The business is very lucrative as you can have up to 100% and above profit. The most important thing about this business is getting the right information on where to buy, when to buy, how to store and when to resell. There are two seasons for palm oil, first between February and April, this period is known as peak season, and the price of palm always drop drastically which gives room for smart entrepreneur to maximize the opportunity. The second season is between October and  December which is always characterize by scarcity and rising price of palm oil, during this period one can resell the stored palm oil and make a profit that can be as high as 100% or even 200%. There is technique that can be used to make more profit from this business. The technique is very simple and this is the technique: immediate after the peak season around July the price will go up and you can sell and make a profit of around 50-60%. The price will go down around September when most farmers will be selling their stored palm oil to cater for the school fees of their children starting new academic session. So as a smart entrepreneur, you can use the money again to buy at a cheaper price and sell all a high price during off-peak season. When you calculate your profit, it will be far higher than those that waited until the off-peak season alone. This is the method my mother and I have used and it has worked perfectly, but if you don’t know the right timing is better you stick with the normal method or you contact me for advice.

2.Soybean Storage: Storing soy bean during peak season and reselling during the off-peak season is another great and lucrative business that is yet to be tapped. Soy bean is leguminous crop with a lot of nutritional and health benefits and as a result of this it is being used by man as food and for making animal feeds such as poultry feed, fish feed etc. This farm produce is needed for fish farming and because of increase interest of people in fish farming, has made this produce a highly sort after one. This is a business that very few people know about and are getting a lot of money year in year out. For example, in 2012, a woman bought each measure (rubber) of soy bean for #120 during the peak season and sold it for #240 in just two month and the price kept on increasing. The peak season for soy bean is between November and December and the off-peak season start from February to September, imaging the amount of money you would make if you have money to store it and wait for the real off-peak season (any time from April upward) when the commodities will be so scarce and make up 250% profit.

3. Quail Bird Farming: If you are hearing about quail bird for the first time or you have heard about it before but you have not taken step to tap into this great business opportunity, you are forgiven. Quail bird popularly known as Aparo in Yoruba language (If you know the name in Hausa or Igbo you can write in the comment below) is one of the ancient bird which has a lot of health benefit. Quail bird farming is part of Poultry farming and they also lay eggs like chicks but it is not common in this part of the world. The meat and the egg of this bird has been reported to cure many diseases such as arthritis, tuberculosis and other 30 diseases. Quail bird rearing is five times better than chicken and turkey rearing, and I assure you that a person with 400 quail laying bird is better off than a person with 2000 laying chickens. That fact is due to the following reasons:

  • 2000 quail bird will feed on the same amount of feed that will be taken by 400 chickens.
  • They have immunity against many diseases, this implies that you don’t need to spend money on vaccine and that the business has a low risk.
  • Quail bird mature earlier and start laying eggs after 7-8 weeks.
  • Quail farming requires less labour.
  • The space require for rearing Quail bird is small.
  • They lay a greater no of egg of between 250 and 280 per year.

With just 20,000 naira you are good to go with this business provided you have a space in your house where you can put the cage. With that 20,000 naira you will be getting a daily return of between #1500 and #2000 after the bird has started laying egg. If you have enough money, you can go into large scale production as this can turn you into millionaire within the limited possible time.

For more information on how to start quail farming in Nigeria Read: How to Start quail farming 

4. Tutoring Services: These services can take various forms, it could be home based where the person will need to be visiting and he or she will be paid based on the agreement between the two parties. He can have more than a place depending on his ability. But the second form is the most preferable for entrepreneur like us who wants to rake in a lot of money. In this case, you will get a tutorial centre at a good location and employ some people that will join you in the work. Getting a good centre may be a challenge but if you do your search diligently you will surely get a good one. You can start from your home if you have enough space or consult various school principal to allow you use their school. I assure you that if you market it very well and bring in some innovations that will make you own unique, you will be surprise at the amount of money you will be getting from this business.

5. Training Center: This is another wonderful business idea you can start with small money. This could be a professional training center r skill acquisition training center  If you are the type with special talent or have some professional skills, you can go ahead and establish a training center  register it and adopts various marketing strategies to get people and in no time at all you will be bringing in a lot of cash. This business has a lot of potentials to succeed because people of this country are now shifting their attention to skill acquisition because of lack of job, so that they can stand on their own.

6. Sales of Phones and Accessories: you might want to look than on this business with the excuse that a lot of people are doing it but I tell you people are really making it in this business and this business potential has not been fully tapped. A lot of people in this country have passion for technology and they are ready to spend money particularly on phones. What you need to succeed in this business is correct information on where to quality phones and at cheaper prices. It advisable you consult a person you trust, who has been in the business to guide you. If he is honest with you he will tell you where you can get these products at cheaper prices and most of this product can be bought from computer village in Lagos and other big market across the country but you must have the right information before you go into these markets to buy. I have good news for you as regard where to buy the product; the good news is that most of these phones can even be imported from abroad without leaving the comfort of your home. You can buy from site like aliexpress, ipmart.com etc at very ridiculous prices and the products will be sent to your address through courier service get more than 100% profit. You can start with capital of #20,000 if you want to start on a small scale.

7. Outdoor Catering Service: The demand for food will continue to be on increase in this country due to our large population which keeps on increasing day in day out. This business has a lot of potentials to be successful because no matter the condition of a man’s pocket, he must eat. Food business varies widely but I’m limiting it to outdoor catering service. If you have the necessary experience in this aspect of business, I will encourage you to start and make sure you make your own as unique as possible and the sky will be the limit.

8. Seminar: this is similar to training services but quite different because in this case you don’t need a training center  Not all people like to sit down and read, even if they like some do not have the time, and yet they need to be furnished with the right information that will solve their day today problems. This is where a smart entrepreneur should come in and take advantage of these categories of people by organizing seminar. It may not necessarily be you that will give the seminar talk, you can invite a resource person to do that but if you can anchor it yourself you can go ahead. When doing this ensure you charge moderate amount of money and add value to the lives of the attendees that they will want to come when next you organize such a seminar. In other word deliver what you promise. Create enough awareness before the program and you will be surprised at the amount of money you will make from just a seminar. I have attended such a seminar before where the organizer went home with more than 300,000 naira in just four hours seminar. Note: To succeed in this business you must add value to the life of people and deliver what you promise.

9. Rental services: This is another evergreen opportunity that can be used by interested entrepreneur. This business is always evergreen because there will always be ceremony to do especially in this country where we like ceremony and entertainment. The business is highly lucrative, if you want to prove this fact, you can contact those who are already in the business and ask them some questions, if they will be honest with you, because they might not want to reveal their secret, they will tell you that it is very lucrative. The only challenge here is that this business involves relatively large amount of money but you can start small by starting from plastic chairs and tables and hire a vehicle that will help you transport them from your place to the venue of the party.

10. Show room: I must confess to you that this is one of the most lucrative and evergreen business in Nigeria and the world all over. This is due to the interest of so many people in the entertainment and sport especially football. One particular thing that makes this business unique is because many people love watching these matches at show room where they will have fun and discuss with their friends. Another thing is that this business can never die as more and more people, men, women, students, young and odd are becoming fans of most popular foreign league clubs. Any interested entrepreneur can tap into this huge business idea, introduce some things that will make your own unique and before you know it, you will be going home with lots of cash. You can start this business with a small capital of around 100,000 naira and expand as you get more money. Those are the small scale business in Nigeria that are very lucrative and evergreen and that can be utilized at any point in time. Please if you know any other lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that people can start with small capital or you have any question, kindly write in the comment below.

See you at the top.

Oladayo Ojekunle is a young entrepreneur, blogger and writer. He has strong passion for business and he's a Huge advocate of self employment. He is the team leader of Perfect Business Guide, a site dedicated to revealing new business ideas and guiding entrepreneur on how to turn the ideas to successful business. You can find him on , facebook, and twitter

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  1. london says:

    Will you be capable of guide myself in your webmaster or perhaps the man that deals with your site, I would like to determine it might be simple to be considered a invitee poster.

    • mrs precious says:

      Recharge card business is one of the many small scale business in Nigeria.
      I for one use to think that there is nothing much in this business, because most of the people I know running this business will tell you that there is nothing in it and that they are just doing it to keep themselves busy, but I want to tell you that it is all a big fat lie. Most of them don’t need competition so they rather discourage you from joining them in this business. Ok, have you ever thought about this, if they are not making money, why are they still in the business?

      I had a friend in NYSC, he told me about Mr Bright how the man introduce he into the business, he holy told the boy to register with he, and the boy register with money and the guy started the business and within a short while he bought a bike that he started using for his supply, that was when I started making enquirer about this business.

      Recharge card retail business is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but you can make money if you know how to do your thing.

      Four parties are involve in the production, distribution and sales of recharge card. They are;

      1. Telecom Operators
      2. Telecom Operator’s Agent
      3. Wholesalers
      4. Retailer
      For those who is siting down there without job or with out business you can contact MR Bright with this number 08154053024 for help

      • Thank you mrs precious for this eye opener.I knew it before that the recharge card business is lucrative but when you explain to people the will not believe it. It all depends on the way you do it but sincerely, the more money ou have to invest the more the profit, expecially if you can register as a distributor.

  2. hosting says:

    Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I am trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any responses could be significantly appreciated.

  3. acne says:


    Hello.This post was truly motivating, especially since I was investigating for ideas on this topic last Friday….

    • bizsuccess says:

      @ acne, i’m glad to know that the post was helpful. I will be ready to help if you have any question pertaining this topic. I can also be of help in your investigation, just let me know and i will get back to you.

  4. bizsuccess says:

    @hosting, we’re sorry to know that you are having problem with this blog loading. We have double checked and realize that the blog is loading properly. Do not hesitate to contant us, if the problem persist

  5. bizsuccess says:

    @london, I didn’t get your question very well. But if you mean guiding you in my webmaster, yes I will be glad to do so.

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  7. marc jacobs clutches says:

    Excellent post. Thanks.

  8. Lacy Vierra says:

    Many thanks Getty! We won’t wait around to acquire started out!

  9. snalanningen says:

    This is very interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your excellent post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks!

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    I really like the good job you are doing here. Keep it up.

  13. dave says:

    Beautiful piece of information. I’m intrested in quail farming and I live in lagos but I want to knowif nigerians eat quail birds. I reali want to try it out. My numba +2348034325175

    • bizsuccess says:

      Thank you dave, am glad to know you are interested in quail bird farming because that is one of the hottest business in town right now especially in cities like Abuja, Jos, Zaria, Kaduna, Ibadan and of course Lagos. To answer your question, quail bird is just gaining popularity in Nigeria and not everybody is aware of this wonderful bird and its medicinal value but many people are aware and the demand is on increase everyday. let me tell you this that the focus of the business is not only on the meet but especially on the quail egg which has so many medicinal value and that makes the business very lucrative.
      If you are interested visit 36, Esuola Street, off Ago Palace Way, Okota, Isolo, Lagos. They will connect you with some Quail birds farmers in Lagos who will take you by hand and give you the necessary training and also teach you how to market your product, they can even help you sell your quail egg at the early stage of your business if you have not got enough customer because they have more than enough customers to the extent that they cannot even meet up with the demand. If you need any other information feel free to ask and I will be raedy to answer. sign up for our news letter,like us on facebook and follow on twitter to get update news of business ideas and guide.

  14. Nagesh says:

    Please suggest me to start a business in your country me from india.how much investment required to set up business there.am much interested in forming or quail bird.

    • bizsuccess says:

      Nagesh, nice to know you are interested in starting a business in Nigeria. There are so many businesses in Nigeria you can start in Nigeria which include real estate, importation,consultancy, manufacturing, software development, fish farming etc but since you say you are interested in quail farming, you can go ahead with it, the business is very lucrative and hot in Nigeria. The level on which you want to do the business will determine the amount of capital needed. Let me know if you are still in India or you’v relocated to Nigeria because you will have to come to Nigeria if actually you want to do business. If you need further explanation or other business ideas in Nigeria, let me know.

  15. ojobo says:

    I am interested in quail birds,is there any place I can procure such in the east. I’m in Nigeria.

    • Yes Mr Ojobo, you can do this business in any part of Nigeria, in fact I will advice you start the business in that part of the country because the business is very new to then over there, so you can dominate before other people start the business. I know of a lady from Jos that supply Quail eggs to portharcourt.

  16. Ruth says:

    Good day Mr Ojekunle. I really gained a lot from your post and I am impressed with your wealth of information.

    Please I am interested in palm oil business and will appreciate it if you can guide me through this process. Thank you and GOD bless

    • @Ruth. Glad to know you find the post useful. Concerning you request please contact me through our contact us page, for the guide on how to do the business. Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Dotun says:

    Thank you Oladayo for his great information you are providing, may God water you back. I’m highly interested in palm oil and soybean biz. Pls can you guide me? The stuff is too expensive here!

  18. Rana says:


    I will be relocated to Nigeria soon to work in a company as an employee. Apart from my regular work I am interested to do small scale business in agri and livestock farming.Is there any legal restriction in Nigeria for me to do small scale farming business in Nigeria? If I don’t have my own land to keep the quail cages,can I take a place on rent?What about the expenses, if I depute a person to work as a care taker of the farm?I am also interested to do agri farming on a small scale for hybrid and forbidden rice; for this purpose can I can a leased land as well as labours to harvest the crops?Also I am very much interested in snail farming and grass cutter farming? Kindly guide. After reaching Nigeria, I want to contact you,please provide your details of contact.

    • @Rana, sorry for the late reply. Now concerning your questions.
      1. There is no legal restriction in Nigeria for anybody including you to do small scale farming in Nigeria, in fact the government is serously encouraging the farmers now because that is one of the solutions to the problem of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria.
      2. You can take a place on rent to start the business but if you have the capital it will be much more better to acquire your own land as it will give your business stability because the landlord can decide to set you packing at any time and that will affect you business adversely.
      3. You can get competent employee that is knowledgeable in agriculture to manage the farm for you but you must also be available to do supervision work. Your presence is very important because people can not be trusted completely, so if you want to succeed in business, you must find time to monitor it. This does not mean you cannot combine it with another job as you said but the job must be the type that will give you time to supervise your business, if not, the business will suffer and you may not succeed in it.
      4.There is no problem about guiding you, that is our job. I have a business team in place, all of which are expert and consultant in different businesses. You can contact me through the contact us page

  19. Zoomit says:

    Hello Kunle,

    May I start by saying thank you for putting this write up together, it’s truly uplifting to know that people like you still exist. I have also been toying with the intention of starting a small scale business in Nigeria with very low risk which also requires minimal capital and the quail bird business appeals greatly to me. I would like to start this business before the end of this year ,
    and my questions about this business are as follows.

    1, What are the related costs per bird
    2, what is the selling price per bird one they reach full maturity
    3, what is the selling price per egg

    This would help me carryout my cost benefit analysis of the business before investing into it.
    And finally, how can I establish the required contact to start the business. I know you mentioned the Isolo address what would they charge for their service ?

    • @Zoomit, Sorry for the late reply. Concerning your questions, I will be writing a comprehensive guide about quail bird farming very soon where all your questions will be answered along side other things you need to know before going into this business. Thanks

  20. lildamey says:

    This is very informative especially the palm oil expo. Keep the goodwork going.

  21. priscillia onyia says:

    hello tanx for d write up.my husband and I live in uk and are planning to return home.he is so interested in business coaching ie like running a seminar.and I am interested in fitness coaching. do u think really that this is a great idea to run dis in Nigeria. tanx for your cooperation.

    • Hi Prescillia. Business coaching is a good business idea in Nigeria provided your husband has a lot of experiece in business. This is because anybody who wants to set up a skill acquisition or business training centre must know what is really doing so that he can add value to people’s lives.
      As for the fitness coaching, the idea is also good but it is not feasibible in some part of the country. The idea may be feasible in places like lagos, portharcourt etc So let me know where you want to settle to further analyse those business ideas.

  22. aknessy says:

    Someone wanted to know if the Quail Bird is consumable… I found an article on wikipedia which might interest you http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quail. Personally I can attest to the fact that the quail bird is much sweeter and has more protein than the regular bird. I’ve eaten it before, when I was a child though!

  23. Rachael Phillips says:

    Hello Oladayo,

    Thank you for your article very inspiring, but must of all what was inspiring is seeing young Africans using their gifts and skill to encourage and help others WELL DONE TO YOU. I was looking for some information about businesses in Africa and stumbled across your site. Very motivating article and I hope all who have read it will seriously take action and time to invest in one of your suggestions.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Rachael. Thanks for all your good words, i’m really really happy to know that the article is useful to people. I have received lots of messages and call from people wanting to utilize the ideas in this articles and some have even started and are already senging their testimonies to me and that has really encorouged me to do more. Thanks very much

  24. chuxy says:

    I have newly hashed quail birds. Contact me if interested

  25. peckylicioux says:

    hi Oladayo, i came across your post today while searching for a small scale biz i can start on my own and at the comfort of my house, i must say you are doing a good work posterity will reward you. of all the 10 you listed, i picked interest in the oil storage, soy bean storage and quail bird farming but i have less than 50,000 to start and i kinda dont have a lot of time to wait until the profit start coming as thats all my savings. pls what do you advise and how do i go about it? hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Peckylicious, Thanks for visiting this blog. Among the three business ideas that you love, the one that can bring in money within few weeks (6weeks) is quail bird farming and it can be done from the comfort of your house if you have a space to keep them. Palm oil and soy bean are profitable but you will have to wait for longer time before you can resell. If you need any further clarification you can contact me through the contact page.

  26. innocent says:

    Hi, thanks for your post. i was kinda looking for a good business i can start up in Nigeria though i’m not currently in nigeria, i was hoping to get some advice of business to invest without staying in Nig. Just something dat can be yielding income monthly without actually running the business yourself, juat invest on it nd get your income monthly in ur a/c. please contact me via email or u can also reply my post. really need an advice. i intend to start wit #500,000 to #1,000000 depending on d business. thanks ur post was so encouraging tho..

    • Hi innocent.The best thing to do is to start a business and oversee it yourself and that is how you can be successful. If you do not plan to come to Nigeria and start a business, you can start the business in the country you are presently or do some investments in Nigeria instead of starting a business that may fail due to your unavailability. Thanks

  27. Grace says:

    Thank you very much for your post, God bless you. Please, I’m from the southwestern part of Nigeria and I need information on where to get the quail birds….thanks

    • Hello Grace, Sorry for the late reply. You can get quail birds from quail birds farmers but the first thing is to get trained before starting the business. I’m glad to tell you that I’m also into the business and I can train you. what state and town are you in south west? if is closer to oyo state, I will advise you contact me on 08060794639 so that we can discuss.

  28. amax says:

    thanks for the information, i am really interested in the importation stuff, but the challenge i have is that, the feedback from aliexpress is so discouraging, if you go to scamadviser and other scam check sites, a lot of people complain about being scammed by the sellers in aliexpress, others complain about not getting what they actually paid for. for ipmart, the cost of most things is almost thesame as buying it here in nigeria. are there other sites one can look up to or are there specific sellers, i mean marketers that do genuine business there. i am mostly interested in the fashion (clothes, shoes, and watches). your advise and guide will be appreciated.

    • I don’t know of any other site you can use for now but another method you can adopt is to buy directly from abroad. This is possible if you have somebody over there that can buy and ship for you and at the same time get somebody preferably among the custom officers to clear the goods for you. I know of someone that does his importation that way. Thanks for stoping by.

      • Ade says:

        @Oladayo Ojekunle. Well done for the great Job. I stumble to your website when I was searching online, for ideal on starting a small business in Nigeria but running it from abroad. I’m proud of you and motivated by all you’ve posted.

        @Amax, I’m also interested in exportation business from china to Nigeria. I’m currently living in china, working for a Chinese company that manufactures equipment and machinery here in china, as a sales manager. But I’m thinking of starting my own small business that I can manage here without affecting my daily job. Have heard good and bad stories about dealing direct with Chinese website such as aliexpress.I can ship any products from china to Nigeria within 4-7 days and, you can only make payment after you inspect and confirm your order. If this will works for you I think we can start something but for my contavt please contact Mr. Ojekunle. Thanks

        • Thanks Mr Ade.I have some people who are interested in this importing business but I only recommend what I’m sure of to people. I discovered from your comment that you can export to us in nigeria and get paid only after the other has been comfirmed. Please contact me through contact page for more discussion.

  29. rex says:

    how do i get started with quail biz, if i want to start piggery how much do i need to start with 2 sow and 1 bow

    • To start quail bird farming business, you need to get trained first and then start the business. For pig farming, you will need to see expert in this field to get adequate knowledge but having 2 sow and 1 bow is stilla good starting point.

  30. ayoola says:

    mr Ojekunle, thanks for the info, i think i like the palm oil business but the problem am having is where can i get the palm oil. i mean which state and can you kindly enlighten me more to on it.

    • It depends on the state where you live. You can get palm oil fromthe following state ondo, osun, ogun, oyo, edo, ebonyi.But i think you are from the southwestern part of Nigeria,if so, i will advice you get your palm oil from ondo state because they are know for good and quality produce.

  31. temi says:


    i am coming across your piece for the 1st time but must confess it’s been very helpful.

    Just like any other new venture, you said the Quail Bird farming needs training;do you

    know where to get this training within Lagos and for how long ?

    i reside outside Nigeria but wants to start something of my own, is there anything you can

    recommend that will not require my 100% presence?

    • There are some places where you can get quail bird training in lagos. As for the business you can do partly in Nigeria while abroad, I don’t think that is visible unless you have a trust worthy person that will supervise the business for you. If you do I will suggest you go for palm oil business or any other agric produce storage business.

  32. Ese says:

    Thanks for this insightful post. Am interested in this business but it seems like there are two ways palm oil is being produced, machine produced or manually produced. There is large difference in taste between the two as the manually produced is sweeter, smells better and more expensive. Anyways i want to know if you are referring to the machine produced

    • Hello Ese.
      You are very correct, thre are two ways by which palm oil is produced that is manually or machine. Ifyou want to buy palm oil for storage,I strongly advise you go for manual because it not only better and sweeter than machine produced palm oil but also can be stored for long time without getting spoilt.

  33. Ifiokobong Ibanga says:

    I perfectly enjoy your list. Its quite elaborate and informative in nature. Thank you for this piece of writeup because i got some help from it. Keep it up
    Ifiokobong Ibanga recently posted…Situation Analysis, Issues and Challenges of the Nigeria Manufacturing SectorMy Profile

  34. emeka says:

    pls how can i contact you?

  35. Emmy says:

    Thanks Ojekunle for the list, very informative. Thank God you are not among most nigerian bloggers who want to turn every information into paid ebook or guide. It is so annoying. More grease to your elbow.

  36. KAZEEM ALADA says:


    • Thereare quite a nu,ber of businesses you can do with two hundred thousand naira. But if you are looking for businesses that will not affect your business i will advice you consider the following: Palm oil storage, Grain storage. Those businesses are in form of investment, you justput your money on them, store them and wait till when the price will go up. Other businesses need you attention and going into them may affect your studies.

  37. KAZEEM ALADA says:


  38. Jephito says:

    Thanks so much for this information… I’m passionately interested in the quail and storage business. How far can I go with 50k in the next 3months?

  39. PRECIOUS says:

    Hello Oladayo,
    Thank you for your article very inspiring. I am interested in the Quail bix. do u knw any where to do the training in Owerr Imo stae

    • Hi Precious.
      Thanks for your kind words. As regard the place where you can do the training in imo, I’m sorry i can’t tell you any place because I don’t know any place where they are rearing it yet in Imo.However, you can get our traiming, it is has good as going for any training.Thanks.

      • Vivian says:


        I want to open a small scale kids party shop and back to school things inside our estate where I leave. Please I need your advice.


        • Hi Vivian
          Your business idea is a good one and I want to encourage you to do it. But before you go into it, i will advise you do feasibility study to know how profitable the business will be in your area and also to know what to prepare for and how to package the service. I’m very sure the estate has good number of kids because they are your target markets. It is a good idea and I believe with passion and perseverance you will succeed.

  40. willy says:

    i have gone through several sites like yours but none is as informative as this, thank you very much. i intend investing in the palm oil business but i’m a final year student in akure and based in lagos. where can i purchase this oil and how much is the minimum amount i can start with and a major challenge i am considering is transportation from place of production to place of storage.

  41. Oyebiyi says:

    Please can you help to write PROPOSAL?

  42. mkpong says:

    please I have interest in that oil storage business,I leave in Uyo and I would be grateful if you can guide me through it including capital requirement ,procuring the product and other vital and necessary info, thanks in advance

    • Hi mkpong.
      Palm oil business is very simple. All you need to do is to get your capital, seek for the right place to buy annd sell, then go get them. You can do the business in two ways whether as an investment or as a regular business. If you are taking is as an investment you buy the product during the peak season and store until the off peak season, but if it is a regular business, you buy from area where they are cheap especially rural area and sell in areas where the commodity is expenesive.
      If you are planning to go for the first option, always try to buy between february and march or latest april. It is not advisable to buy after april because the price must have increased. Thanks.

  43. Irene says:

    Hello Mr Ojekunle, I must say that your site is very inspiring and detailed. I have about #200,000 and have been racking my brain on what to invest in as jobs aren’t forth coming. I’m scared of investing and loosing the only security I have and as a result of that, I have been trying to be careful. What business can I do that can serve as a full employment? I think I’m interested in the palm oil or soy bean biz but I don’t want a biz that I’ll have to wait so long for returns or make me stay idle while waiting for peak and off peak periods as you explained. I am damn tired of staying idle for over a year now. I live in Lagos. I will be grateful if I get a quick response. Thanks

    • Hello Irene
      I’m very sorry for this late reply. First i want to say sorry for your inability to get a paid job uptil now but I at the same time I want to let you know that this could be an advantage for you to crate job for yourself and even become an employer of labour in he near future.
      I want to commend you spirit and I believe if you keep it up, you will share your success story with us on this platform one day.
      There are many businesses you can venture into, many of which can be found on this website. Just take time to browse through and i believe you should be able to get one that you like. If you are not let me know so that I can guide you proper.

  44. Ogunleye Adewale says:

    Mini Neighborhood Kerosine Station is another lucrative business that is unimaginable. Picture a filling station like Oando and just imagine a mini Kerosine station with a tank and 1 pump machine in your neighborhood to sell as little as 1 liter or 1 bottle in 1000 rounds for 12o naira

  45. gbenga says:

    Pls I need your advise on business that can yield me like 50k to 80k monthly returns with a capital of 500k,,,thanks

    • There are so many businesses that can give you that monthly returns but you will need to put in your best. Some examples of such businesses are poultry farming, online business, recharge card business, sales of phones, engine oil distribution business and a host of others. Study yourself and seethe business you have passion for, I believe that could be the best business for you

      • gbenga says:

        Thanks so much for getting back to me,I think I can go for that online business and engine oil distribution.pls can you elaborate more on the online business and engine oil distribution.how can I start and run them pls

  46. eedris says:

    Can I start d phone biz wit a little of #20000

  47. Onamakinde adegoke says:

    I would love to start the smart phone biz. Could you let me know the minimum ammount one can start the biz with to guaranty reasonable returns. Could you also give a guard on where to ssource for these gadget so as to avoid falling prey into wrong hands. Am always sceptical of internet biz,since one cannot see who u are dealing with directly and are u sure that one would be getting the correct goods one has orderd for? How can one be informed new arrivals of ofgadgets for sale?Hope to hear from you soonest

  48. shamsudeen says:

    Iam highly inspired by your post,may God reward you. Iam a retiree and my pension is not enough to solve my family responsibility. My name is Suleiman and live in kaduna. Iam interested in poultry farming and buying of red pepper and it it at off peak season. What do you think of it and what advice can you give me. Thank you.

  49. BISHOP ABRAM says:

    Good day

    This is a good news to all Nigerians, the Nigeria custom service recruitment form is currently on for sale contact :08060412165 For details on how you can obtain the form,,,,Note: All qualifications accepted with processing.Applied in person.Thanks.

  50. Tinuola says:

    What biz can I do with #20,000…..though I stay in a new development area, and also am a make up artist then I just want to add another biz with it…thanks

    • You can just look for business very related to what you are doing already that 20,000 will be able to accommodate. For example, you can start selling make up materials, beauty care items, jewelries, etc. The truth is the money you have is very small but you can still start something.

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