10 Best Self Employment Ideas and opportunities with low start up

Have you been looking for job all this while all to no avail? Are you ready to tackle this problem by learning how to become self employed? Are you looking for the best self employment ideas and opportunities you can transform into business? If you say yes to any of the questions above, then, read on because this article is going to be revealing some self employment ideas and opportunities that you can utilize and place yourself on your way to financial breakthrough. You will find in this article best self employedideas for all catogories of people some which include self employment ideas for men, self employment ideas for women, self emploment ideas for teenagers etc.

The rate at which unemployment is increasing throughout the world needs urgent attention. What then is the solution of unemployment? The answer is simple and it is nothing other than self employment. The fact remains that there are teaming unemployed people across the whole world and the number is even alarming in developing countries like Nigeria. Some countries like USA, Canada where self employment is given top priority has been able to tackle unemployment to some extent and so have kept the percentage of unemployed people low. Therefore it is very important that other countries should also encourage and create enabling environment for self employment if they are serious able providing lasting solution to the problem of unemployment in their various countries.


Self employment

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Before I continue, let me quickly tell you this, you need not worry able your inability to get job. What most people don’t know is that your financial breakthrough is limited if you are working under somebody, be it individual or government. You cannot be richer than that person; your whole life will be based on the salary you’re taking home. But if you are working for yourself, there is no limit to your financial breakthrough. What an employee will get for a whole year can be gotten within two days if a door of business opportunity opens. Come to think of it, how many world richest people are working under somebody? None of them. So why worry about your unemployment situation when there are thousands of self employed jobs you can venture into. A word they say is enough for a wise.

The following are the best self employment business ideas and opportunities with low investment that you can venture into and re write the financial story of your life:

Farming: Seriously speaking, if we want to tackle the problem of unemployment as individual and as a nation, farming should be taking serious. Do you know that farming alone can create job for more than 40% of the unemployed youth? There are different types of farming that you can venture into, but I will limit this article to three feasible farming opportunities that you can start almost immediately.

  1. Poultry farming: Poultry farming, though risky is highly profitable if done properly. The demand for meat and egg is very high and this sector of agriculture alone can provide job for thousands and even millions of unemployed people. You can decide to venture into chicken farming, quail farming, Turkey farming etc.
  2. Animal Husbandry: Animal husbandry includes cattle rearing, goat rearing, sheep rearing etc. This business ideas and opportunities are good for people who love rearing animals. The advantage of this type of farming is that the animals feed majorly on grasses that are easy to get around making the business highly profitable due to low recurrent expenditure. The only challenge with this farming is inability to secure grazing farmland. If you want to venture into animal husbandry you will need to secure a parcel of land with abundance of grasses that will be used as a grazing land. Preferably the place should be fenced to avoid breach of law, because different countries and states have laws guiding the rearing of animals.
  3. Piggery or pig rearing: pig rearing is another wonderful self employment idea that you can venture into. This business is highly lucrative and there is no body that venture into the business and regret. This sector of agriculture has provided many unemployed people job and it has the capacity of providing thousands of jobs if we embrace it.

Online business: Seriously speaking, online business has come to stay. I still hear people saying online business is not profitable and that it is a mere waste of time. Each time I hear such a statement I just smile because I know that they do not know how to do it and they utter such a statement out of frustration. The truth is that if you don’t have the right information and fail to do your online business in the right way, you will be frustrated and later quit. I want to tell you that online business is lucrative and it is a sure way to create passive income for a long time. But you must know that this business involve hard work, consistency and patience before you can make a living from it.

Some of the online businesses you can start are blogging, affiliate marketing, information marketing, etc.

Dry Cleaning: This self employment idea is perfect for people who love cleanliness. This business is not as difficult as it used to be before because there is equipment that can handle every aspect of dry cleaning which means you need to do less manual job. Dry cleaning has also created reasonable numbers of jobs for people and the industry is still large enough to take as many people as possible.

Tutorial/Educational consultancy services: Every parent wants the best education for his or child and they are ready to spend their top dollars on tutorial or educational consultancy services. Some people have set up this business successfully and the industry is large enough to accommodate many entrepreneurs who want to take career in education business. This business can be set up on different scale that is small, medium or large scale. For people who are just starting out, you can start on small scale either by visiting home of your clients or get a centre and create awareness to announce the commencement of your centre. You can expand as you continue.

Information and communication Technology: This sector also has the capacity to create million of jobs for teaming unemployed people. The following are some of the areas of ICT that you can venture into software development, web design and development, Security and surveillance services, Network engineering etc. Any of those areas of ICT can bring thousands of dollars into your pocket and you could build a business round them and be an employer of labour. But remember that you need to go for professional training and develop yourself, because ICT involves lots of practice.

Pet business: USA, Canada and many countries are spending billions of dollars on pet every year. If you’re a pet lover you can build a business around your passion. Every home in America and Canada has pets and so there is always the demand for services that relate to pet. Developing countries like Nigeria, south Africa etc are also not left out in this industry.

The following are some self employment business ideas that abound in pet business Dog breeding, dog training, dog walking, Veterinary services, Dog food sales, Dog equipment sales, etc. Many people have established themselves in this business and they never worry about lack of job because they do not only provide job for themselves but also providing job for others.

Event/Party planning: This is another treading self employment idea that is generating job for people who have flair for event or party and who are good at organising things. This business idea is not for everybody, it is meant for those who have ability to organize things and make them eye catching. You may need to be trained before you can start this business because there are lots of things to be known if you want to become a successful event planner. This business also requires connection so as to secure contract which means you must be good in networking people.

Landscaping/Horticulture: Landscaping and horticulture are another good self employment ideas you can also give a consideration. This elf employment idea is good for men because of the nature of the job. Many homes and offices wants to beatify their environment and they outsource the services of landscaper and horticulturist who will do it for them as desired. You can decide to join the few people but who are quietly making lots of money in this field.

Freelance writing: Gone are the days when you can only write article for media houses. There are many online platforms where you can get freelance article writing job for a reasonable pay. This is because there are millions of websites and blogs that are crying for content, which most of the website and blog owners cannot meet up with. You can avail yourself the opportunity by becoming a freelance writer.

Online Virtual Assistant: This is one of the self employment ideas from home. Many companies who could not afford hiring a full time employee are now resorting to employing virtual assistant that will work from remote location. This is made possible because of internet revolution making it possible to work for any company even from home. This is the job that many people are doing right from their home on part time or fulltime basis. Some people are working for two or three companies and each company is paying a reasonable amount of money per hour.

Learn a Skill: There are so many skills that are selling fast in the market now. If you are serious about becoming self reliance, you will need to learn a skill that you can build a business around. The truth now is, if you don’t have a skill then you’re kill. Even if you have a paid job, you still need to have a marketable skill because no one knows tomorrow, the rate at which people are losing job is high and who knows the next victim. Therefore, getting a skill that will protect you against such unforeseen circumstance is more than important, so that you can have something to fall back on. Some of the skills you can learn are tailoring, bag making, shoe making, aluminium work, etc.

What are you waiting for? Stop worrying yourself about your inability to get job, take action today to create at least a job for yourself and before you know it you will also become an employer of labour. All you need is self confidence, believe in yourself that you can do it and the sky will be your starting point.

See you at the top.

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