How to Start Palm oil Business in Nigeria

You can start a palm oil business in Nigeria and make up to or even more than hundred percent returns on investment. Palm oil business is one of the lucrative small scale businesses in Nigeria I have ever seen, and as profitable as it is, the business is has little or no risk at all because you can never run into loss unlike many other businesses that are full of risk. This is one of the businesses I love so much because I have been in the business for more than 8 years and I have never regretted investing in the business even for a second. I decided to write this article because of several phone calls and messages I have been receiving from people who want to start palm oil business for the past two months. As part of my determination to help people and impart lives positively, this article will focus on how to start palm oil business in Nigeria.

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Red palm oil Benefit and Uses

Red palm oil contains a lot of carotene (essential for vitamin A), vitamin E and mono saturated fatty acids. It has become a must use for

Palm oil business

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everybody due to health benefit of those essential nutrients present in it.

As we all know, red palm oil is used for cooking, there is no home in Nigeria that does not use palm oil and the rate of consumption is on the increase due to the awareness of health benefit of palm oil and because it prevents blindness.

Palm oil is used by big manufacturing industries for ice cream, margarine, vitamin supplement, cosmetics, personal care, and toilet soap manufacturing etc. So we can see there is a big market for this farm produce and that makes it a business with absolutely no risk because you can never run into loss no matter how terrible the economy may be provided you buy quality product and buy at the right time.

How to start a palm oil Business

There are two seasons for palm oil business which are the peak season when the commodity will be cheap and off-peak season when the price will go up.

You can buy the commodities for as low as N4000 during the peak season, the price does vary every year but that is the average price you can get it and that is how it has been for the past 3 years. The peak season is between the month of February and April and so if you want to do this business, you must have gotten your capital ready before this time, so as to be able to buy immediately the price drops for storage.

The off-peak season start immediately after the peak season but you will have to wait till around July or August before you can sell. The best time to sell the commodities is around November but if you are in need of the money for another business or you cannot wait until that time, then you can sell in July or August.

There is a method we use as experience people in this business and the method is simple. We buy and sell up to two or three times in a year depending on the market study and make over 100 percent on investment at the end of the business year. But I will advise the beginners to follow the first method I explained above, although, the returns on investment may be less than 100% but you will be on the safe side.

The following are the steps you will take to start palm oil business in Nigeria:

Source for capital early: Get your capital ready as early as February so that you can buy palm oil at cheap prices, so that you will be able to maximize your profit.

Get a store room: you will need to get a place where you will keep your commodities after purchase. If you have a spare room in your house that will be ok, if not, you may need to rent a shop to keep your commodities safe.

Buy the commodities: There are several places where you can buy palm oil in Nigeria. The leading palm oil producing states in Nigeria are: Ondo, Edo,Akwa Ibom, Abia, Rivers, Imo, Bayelsa, Cross River and Delta. You can get the commodity in major market in those states.

 Ensure you buy quality palm oil so that you will not have problem selling them. You may need to consult the experience people in this business at this stage to guide and help you on how and where to get the best palm oil in your area.

After purchase, just transport you commodities to your store room for storage.

Storage: Palm oil storage is very simple. All you need are 25 litres kegs that you will use to buy them. You can also store in drums, if you prefer that but kegs are ok. Look for planks and put them on the store room floor before packing the commodities inside. This is done to avoid palm oil from solidifying because it does not like a cold environment especially cement or tiled floor. After that you can then pack the kegs inside the store and arrange them on the planks and on top of one another.

Wait for Off peak season and sell: The next thing is to wait for off peak season when the price will rise and then bring out the commodities for sale. Depending on your area, you can just look for a vehicle to pack the commodities to a major market where this can be sold in large quantities and you get paid immediately.

If you’re in major cities like Lagos, Ibadan where we have many food companies, you can contact the companies to supply the commodities, but make sure, you’re paid before you supply.

You can also sell to the people that trade with palm oil (wholesaler) and get your cash, remember not to sell on credit. Palm oil is a highly sort after farm produce and you will always get market for your commodities

What are you still waiting for? You should start planning how you will get enough capital to do this business as we approach another peak season. Try all your best to get enough capital because the higher the investment, the higher the return. You can invest up to N500, 000 or even 1 million naira depending on the amount you’re having.

Why keep your money in bank for people to do business while there are many lucrative businesses in Nigeria you can also invest your money in and get good profit instead of nonsense interest you get from them. I have resolved never to keep my money in banks, but instead, to do business with it. What of you?

Meet me in the comment section for any question and I will be glad to answer as soon as possible.

You can also contact me through the contact page for consultation about palm oil business and I will be glad to help you achieve your goal.

See you at the top

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25 Responses to “How to Start Palm oil Business in Nigeria”

  1. itsMoGidi says:

    Hello pls cld u send me ur email address, I have some more personal questions to ask. Tnks.

  2. jedike says:

    How possible is it to get subsidized land from the government for palm oil plantaintion business, especially from the eastern Nigeria,



    • Hi Jedike, honestly I do not know how to go about it for now, may be we can get a person that will do justice to your question, please keep coming back to see if you can get good answer.

  3. abass says:

    Nice write up. Please can you empahize more on the prices per 25 litres kegs of the palm oil. and whats the minimum price one can sell the product?

    • The avearge price of 25 litre keg is N4000 during peak season.It might be lower or a little higher but that is the avarage price. If you sell at the right time,y thge average price is around N6000. You could sell at higher price like N7000 sometimes.

  4. Eno Arikpo says:

    Hello Mr. Oladayo Ojekunle, i appreciate your well written site. Thank you for your effort. i have 3 questions for you.
    1. Please what LG in Cross River and Akwa Ibom can one get quality palm oil?
    2. How many types of palm oil are they, and are they all good for consumption?
    3. Is it true that the best palm oil is sourced from Imo state?

    • 1. I’m not used to that region and so i cannot tell you precisely the LG where you can buy it.
      2. There is only one type of palm oil but some are good for comsumption while some are bad. This depends on a number of things which include method of processing, how long the palm fruit stayed before processing etc. Do try as much as possible to buy palm oil that are produced locally by farmers and not by palm oil processing factories. They are always better and can be stored for a long time.
      3. I cannot give precise answer to this as well, please try to find out in your area to acertain this. Like in my side palmoil from ondo and osun are very good.

  5. amanda says:

    nice write up. can oil palm be stored in plastic drums/tank? Also, is it easy to just drive to a market and sell, are there no market associations in charge?

    • Yes it can be stored but metal drum is better, but make sureyou don’t putthem on bear floor. You can drive to the market and sell but this is not possible in all market. You need to do research to know the market where you can sell in bulk in your area. There are market assocaition in most of those market and since you are not a memeber, you may need to liase with one of them to be able to operate freely. The person can even help you to sell them.

  6. Femi says:

    Thanks for being a Guide in this business.I have 2 questions and i would be glad if i get a quick answer to them.I am planning to go into palm oil business. Quest.1-My capital will be ready in first week of April,can i still make a good buy that time? Quest 2-Where precisely can i buy cheap in Osun and Ondo states AND how good is it?Thanks

  7. Diran says:

    Hi, please i will need you to send me your number on my email addy provided. I need to ask you alots of question as I am a beginner and i wnt to really convince my financial for this business. thanks in anticipation.

  8. hopewave says:

    hi! thank for sharing the information with us. plz, what are the name of the market place inside lagos where we can sell the palm oil. if i can also have the prices, this will help me .

  9. Otor James says:

    Hi Dayo. I’m glad for your sincere motive to transform lives in Nig. Pls, endeavor to accept me thru facebook so that we can talk more on buz idea and start-up. Thank u so much

  10. emmanuel otu says:

    thank for your kindness to mankind and i appriciat. Sir please i will need your guid on how to start this red oil business for am mushly intrested on it. So i just stated the fissibility study and i will like you to advise me on how to go on the bus.. Through my mail (

  11. veronica says:

    hello, contact me with, , if you want fresh palm oil from cross rivers state; akpobuyo. 07063200598.

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