Piggery/Pig Farming Business Guide

Pig farming BusinessAre you planning of starting piggery farming? Are you searching for pig farming business guide? Then you are on the right page as I will be taking you through important information you need to start a Pig farming business. Pig farming is a lucrative business that can be done on small, medium or large scale depending on the amount of money (capital) available.

Agricultural sector especially pig farming business is the major solution to the global economic crisis that has started some years back as many people are yet to recover from the effect of the crisis. Man must eat regardless of the economy situation of his pocket and production of food is increasing at the arithmetic rate while the consumption is increasing at geometric rate. Therefore, anyone who goes into farming business especially livestock farming such as pig farming will continue to be in money

There is ready made market for Pig farming. One can produce for local consumption or for export. The largest consumers are from Asia countries especially China and they import millions of pigs every year. The major producers are U.S, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and some European countries.

Pig farming has some advantages which have made it to stand out among other types of farming. The following are the advantages of pig farming business:

  • Pig reproduction is faster compare to other types of livestock farming like cattle rearing, goat rearing etc
  •  Pig convert more nutrient/energy into protein and so grow faster than other livestock like goat, cattle which has low conversion rate and slow growth rate.
  • They can feed on roughages; agricultural waste etc and so reduce cost of feeding.

Steps to Starting Pig farming Business

Land:  The first step to starting pig farming business is to acquire a piece of land. The size of the land will depend on the scale of the business. A small scale pig farming business will require half or one plot of land while a medium or large scale will require two or more plots of land.

It is advisable to get the land outside a residential area unless you have money to buy sophisticated equipment that will take care of the odour from the pen.

Water Supply: It is advisable to be sure of the source of water before starting a pig farm because without water pig farming will be extremely difficult.  The land that will be acquired should be close to a source of water such as river or streams if not you will have to sink well or bore hole to get a constant supply of water for your pig farm.

Building of Pen: The next step is to build pen where the animals are to be kept. Small scale pig farming will require a pen of at least a room of 12 square feet. For medium and large scale production many pens will be require and the pigs are to be separated according to their sizes.

Buying Pigs: The next step is to buy pigs to your farm. The best method is to buy pregnant pig if you have the financial capably but if you don’t, you can go for piglets (young pigs) that are about to become grower (weaned Pig) or better still buy the grower. There are many breeds of Pig that a farmer can choose from. When choosing a breed ensure that the breed has fast growing rate, is resistant to disease, is not aggressive and has high nutrient conversion rate. The service of an expert should be sought after in choosing a breed of pig to be raised.

FEEDING: Pig can eat on a varieties of food especially roughages and stalk from beverages companies. Feed can also be fed with agricultural waste such as pineapple, yam, and a peel of different edible farm produce. Pig must be fed at least twice in a day.

One great challenge in pig farming business is availability of pig feeds. Sourcing for pig feeds can be challenging and as result of this, the site of the farm must be located close to where the feeds can be source for.

SANITATION: To ensure good health condition of the pigs and prevent various diseases that can attack them good sanitation of the pig house (PEN) must be ensured. It is advisable to sweep, clear the waste and wash the animals every day.

PIG REPRODUCTION: Pregnancy of a sow (female pig) will last for about 115 days before it can deliver. After delivery, the piglet will feed on the breast milk for about nine weeks after which they will become growers. After the grower stage the pig will cross to the next stage where they can mate and if the mating result in pregnancy, the sow will be capable of producing at least ten piglets.

CAPITAL NEEDED: Small scale pig farming business can be started for as low as $700 provided there is land and water supply but medium or large csale pig farming business would need at least $15000 to start.

NOTE: Sow needs maximum attention after delivery so that it will not sleep on the piglets which can cause their death. Therefore, the farmer must be available during that time or employ farm attendant(s) to take care of that.

Also note that the services of veterinary practitioner will be needed in pig Farm. His service is to check of the pigs to detect any infection or disease and to administer drugs and vaccine when needed.

Are you interested in this wonderful business? Then go ahead, carryout feasibility study, write your pig farming business plan, source for capital and start.

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Oladayo Ojekunle is a young entrepreneur, blogger and writer. He has strong passion for business and he's a Huge advocate of self employment. He is the team leader of Perfect Business Guide, a site dedicated to revealing new business ideas and guiding entrepreneur on how to turn the ideas to successful business. You can find him on , facebook, and twitter

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