Quail Eggs: How to make lots of Money from Quail Farming.


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Quail eggs, a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or point of lay quail are available for distribution throughout Nigeria

Quail farming is a little known farming business but has lots of financial benefits. This aspect of poultry farming has been neglected by people because of the small size of the bird and its eggs. Few people who are into this farming are not only smiling to bank but are also enjoying the health benefits of quail eggs and meat. This super bird as it is commonly called has been reported to cure more than 32 serious ailments and that has opened door of business opportunity to people who wants to amass wealth from quail farming. People who are aware of this business opportunity have been making cool money and you can also join them to make lots of money from this wonderful business.

I have been receiving lots of messages and calls from people who are interested in this business and as a result of that I decided to write this article to reveal the business opportunity in quail farming and give a step by step guide on how to start the business . The article will also expose you to the health benefits of quail eggs and meat. All you need to start this business is a good quail farming business plan, training nad little money.

Quail bird is a small bird with brown feather specked with white, black. tan, gray, or chestnut. The average length of the bird is between 8 and 11 inches. Quail eggs and meat are high value delicacy and a rich source of protein, minerals and vitamins.

Quail Eggs

Just like quail birds, quail eggs are speckled and are 5 to 6 times smaller than chicken eggs. The nutritional value of quail bird is four to five times greater than that of chicken’s egg.

They are proved to be valuable source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and vitamin D, iron, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, phosphorus, and other essential micro-nutrients and amino acids and that is the reason why they are recommended for regular consumption. Various researches conducted showed that quail eggs contain 13 percent protein compare to 11 percent protein in chicken eggs. It contains 140% of vitamin B1 compared to 50 percent in chicken eggs. They contain 5 times of iron and potassium as can be found in chicken eggs.

Health benefits of quail birds and meat

Quail eggs are blessing to this generation. Though they are very tiny, they have healing effect on more than 30 serious ailments which include tuberculosis, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, digestive disturbance, gastric ulcer, liver problems, anemia, eczema, heart problems, bronchitis, depression, panic, anxiety, various allergies etc.

The following are the health benefits of Quail eggs:

Regulate and improve heart function

Strengthen the cardiovascular system

Lower cholesterol

Help in the treatment of tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma, and diabetes.

Have strong anticancer effects and may help inhibit cancerous growth

Help eliminate and remove stones from liver, kidney, and gall bladder.

Regulates gastric acidity and digestion

Help in treating kidney and liver diseases.

Greatly help in cases of allergic rhinitis, allergies and eczema.

Regulate blood sugar level of diabetes cases

Can help cure anemia

Accelerate recuperation after blood stroke and help strengthen heart muscles.

Powerful stimulant of sexual potency

Promote good memory, enhance brain activity and regulate the nervous system

Strengthen the immune system and slow down aging of organs and increase life span.

Drinking quail egg raw is the best way to derive maximum health benefit from it but, if you cannot take it raw, you can add little milk, honey or orange juice or cook it for 30 seconds.

Those health benefits and many more have opened a big business opportunity for wise entrepreneurs and this is the right time to go into the business because the market is really big and ripe now.

Quail Bird Farming

What is quail bird farming? Quail bird farming is a type of poultry farming that specializes on the rearing of small birds called quail for the purpose of egg production, meat production or for other uses. Quail birds are healthy and have strong immunity system and so do not need injection and vaccine unlike other birds. They do not die easily and are resistant to diseases. They are poor feeder and excellent layers.

This business is a very lucrative business and I can recommend it for anybody because there is touch of God on the business.

Quail bird farming is five times better than chicken and turkey rearing, and I assure you that a person with 400 quail laying birds is better off than a person with a person with 2000 laying chickens. The fact above is due to the following reasons:

2000 quail birds will feed on the same feed that will be taken by 400 chickens.

They have immunity against diseases. This implies that you don’t need to waste any money on medications and vaccine and that makes the business a low risk one with high return.

Quail birds mature earlier and start laying eggs after 7-8 weeks.

Quail farming requires less labor. A person can manage 5000 quail birds successfully.

Small space is required for rearing quail birds

They lay a greater number of eggs between 250 and 280 in a year.

The most important reason why this farming business is easy to start is because. It requires small amount of capital. With just N30,000 you are good to go provided you have a space where they can be reared.  With N30,000 you are on your way to financial freedom because you will be getting an average daily income of N1500 and if you have enough capital you can become a millionaire from this business that is just gaining popularity now.

I know of a person that started the business in April this year and as at August this same year, she has made up to three times of her investment. Many people have tried other livestock businesses especially chicken rearing and get their fingers burnt but by the grace of God no one has gone into this business and regret.

Quail birds are easy to rear and you can even start the business while on paid job.

Requirement for Quail bird Farming:

The following are the requirement for quail bird farming:

Capital: This is the basic requirement for all businesses and Quail farming business is not left out as well. You don’t need a big capital to start this business, in fact, you can start with as low as N30,000 and expand as you go.

Training: After getting your money ready the next thing is to go for training. Although the training but you still need to get trained by a competent and practicing quail bird farmer, so that you will be shown the best way to do the business and how to avoid pit falls on your way as a quail bird farmer.


You can contact us for one or one training or order a comprehensive teach yourself Quail bird training manual that will show you how you can make lots of money from this wonderful business.

It is a 38 pages manual in pdf format that will take you by hand and show you all you need to know about quail bird raising and how to use the egg and meat cure different diseases.

To order for the handbook, pay a sum of N2500 in the following account:

Guaranty Trust bank

Account name: Ojekunle Oladayo Thomas

Account No: 0049614823

United Bank for Africa (UBA)

Account name: Ojekunle Oladayo Thomas

Account No: 2035958493

Then, send the depositor’s name and a valid email address to  08060794639 to receive the handbook instantly.

Rearing Space: A space that is well ventilated is needed for the rearing of quail bird to keep your cage. Some people have contacted me asking me how they can start quail bird farming without a space. My answer to that question is this: It is not possible to do this business without a space. The space you need for quail rearing is not much; you can even start at your backyard.

Other requirements are: Drinking troughs, feeding troughs, electricity or lantern, stoves or coal pot to keep the house warm (for a day to 3 weeks old)

Quail Bird Rearing Process

Quail bird rearing is very easy. You can rear a large number of quail in a small floor area. A room of 10ft by 12ft can take up to 400 quail birds conveniently.

You can get a day old baby quail or go for a week, 2weeks, 3 weeks or even point of lay quail’s birds. My advice for beginners is to go for a two or three week’s old quail because rearing a day old quail is technical and is quite challenging because the mortality is always high in the first week. After the first week the rearing process is so easy and even a 10 years old boy can manage it.

Quail birds are so gentle and the droppings do not produce unpleasant odour unlike chicken farming.

Baby quail birds

2 weeks old quailbirds

Quail Bird Housing:

Quails are very small and so their houses should be built specifically to prevent them from escaping. You can build a pen, construct a cage or use a room floor to rear them. But remember, the most importantly thing you need to put at the back of your mind when constructing their house is to avoid them from escaping.

Quail bird Feeding

They feed on poultry feeds just like chickens. Quail birds eat little feeds unlike chickens. And that makes them more profitable than any other poultry farming.

Challenges of Quail Bird Farming

Quail farming is so easy and there may be little challenges or no challenge at all. The most common challenge of this business is marketing at the initial stage of the business but with more awareness of the health and nutritional value of quail eggs and meat, the challenge has been overcome and the challenge many quail farmers are facing now is how the demand that is growing at exponential rate will be met.

Another little challenge you might face if you go for a day old quail bird is mortality. The birds suffer from respiratory disorder in their first week and that may cause high mortality but the challenge is overcome after the first week.

Would you like to rewrite your financial story by positioning yourself in the fore front of the entrepreneurs that will amass wealth from quail farming in Nigeria? If yes, Take action today and don’t miss out on this business opportunity because opportunity lost can never be regained.

You can contact us on 08069132154  for one or one training on this business.

Quail eggs, a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or point of lay quail are available for distribution throughout Nigeria. 

Comprehensive Quail farming training handbook is also available.

Meet me at the comment section for any question or enquiry and I will answer you as quick as possible.

See you at the top.

Oladayo Ojekunle is a young entrepreneur, blogger and writer. He has strong passion for business and he's a Huge advocate of self employment. He is the team leader of Perfect Business Guide, a site dedicated to revealing new business ideas and guiding entrepreneur on how to turn the ideas to successful business. You can find him on , facebook, and twitter

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60 Responses to “Quail Eggs: How to make lots of Money from Quail Farming.”

  1. La Nicholas says:

    This is a great business my friend. Pleas can you create a comprehensive ebook for it. because i will love to know more about it.

  2. Ayodeji says:

    I love this and am interested. what is the duration of the training and where do you base.

  3. Highque says:

    Thks 4ur info. Pls, how much is 2wks old quails and where 2get them? Regards,

  4. Henrrio says:

    Ur end is 2 far 4m mine, do you know any farmer of dis bird 4m d Eastern part of Nigeria? I wil lik 2 giv it a trial but d only problem I wil hav on dat is marketin. ppl dont know of quail down dis side of Nigeria.

    Do 1 need 2 buy d male n female of just d females lik in chicken layers n dey eat chicken feed 4 layers n den start layin eggs?

    How much for d training? Can it be done through phone n mails?


    • Hi Henrrio.
      I’m sorry i do not know any place in the south eastern part of Nigeria where you can be trained for now. The training can be done on phone and mails but the main challenge will be where to buy the quail after the training, although if I know your place and get a bus that come to you place, I can send them while you cater for the transport fare.
      Unlike Chicken you will need to buy both male and female.
      Regarding the marketing. The marketing may be a little challenge at the beginning but because the eggs works, I tell you it will announce itself in short time and you will be suprise at the number of customer you will be receiving.
      You can contact me through contact page fpr more information on this.

  5. malay ganguly says:

    I am from India. Please guide me whether quail bird farming is possible in India and how.

    • Hi Malay.
      Quail bird farming is possible in india provided you can create enough awareness about the benefit of this wonderful birds and create market for it. Marketing in a country where the birds is relatively unknown will be the main challenge of the business, but if you can face the challenge nad overcome it, the business will be highly rewarding.

  6. DYKE O DYKE says:

    Do you have any where here in Lagos to recommend for people, especially between Mile 2 and Badagry, between Lasu and Egbeda?

  7. Charity says:

    Hi I am from Zimbabwe and this is interesting. thank you. Do you know where in Zim I can get the Quail chicks?

  8. pranab says:

    is quail farming done in India do you have any offices here sir please can you provide more information on it

  9. Mohd Rafi Mahboob says:


    Nice businesss opportunity , Oladayo I am from Saudi and there is huge demand of this
    bird, My Cell is 0569157234. Can you forward me a Presentation on the Training so I can really Understand this business well and see if I can invite you to Saudi.

    Take Care

    Bye Bye

    Mohd Rafi Mahboob.

  10. abey says:

    Hello,good business idea,well am in ilorin @ the moment and I wish to do the biz,my greatest fear is the market,do you have any idea of the business market in ilorin?waiting for your response

    • Yes I was in Ilorin before I just left the place some months ago.There is somebody in Ilorin that is into this business and the guy is really making it big, because he is enjoy market monopoly presently. Concerning the market. Quail egg is new to so many people and so you will have to create awareness and create market as soon as you start. People are using this wonderful eggs and bird are getting well from diffent ailments and that is a good selling point for you to market you products. When the leaders in this biusiness started the business, no body knew the eggs but they create awareness and some of them have made over a million now.
      To cut the long story short, if youy are ready for this business, just make up you mind, the market is there already.

  11. steve says:

    how much is 3weeks old quail bird?

  12. DINESH TIWARI says:

    HI SIR





    • Hi Dinish.
      I’m working a training manaul that will teach you the nitty gritty of this business. My only worry is that i don’t know where you can get the baby quail in India for now, but you can try and find out, if there is a place where you can get it, then, starting a quail bird farming business will be a good step in the right direction for you.

  13. This is interesting. I’m living in Abuja. Is there a place I can get the eggs and how do I receive training from you.

    • Yes, there are places where you can get the eggs in Abuja but I cannot give you an address precisely but I know you wilol surelly get. Concerning the training,I working on a comprehensive training manual that will teach people nitty gritty of this business. Just watch out it will soon be out.

      • Frederick says:

        My Name is Frederick but based in Abuja I am very interested in this business.is this birds Eggs big like chicken Eggs .and i needs more highlight about this birds .Reply pls

        • Most of the things you need to know about the business have been written in the post. However, there is a more comprehensive ebook on it, that will give you details of the business. You can contact me for the ebook if you’re interested.

  14. Taiwo says:

    hi oladayo pls if i buy a 3 weeks old quail to start.hw long do i have to feed it bfo it start to lay eggs. and for how long is the productive life.


    Pt Taiwo 08054145274

  15. agnes says:

    Hell Oladayo, Im based in osogbo, osun state very close to to ogbomoso. How do i get these quail birds and if i buy a 100 birds of 2weeks old how long will it take before they start laying eggs and like how many eggs will they lay within that period

  16. Tinashe says:


    I love your article i am an entrepreneur in Zimbabwe and very passionate about innovations that can can help people get on their feet. I would like to start this business is there a way i can learn it via correspondence.

    • Hi Tinashe.
      I like your passion please keep it up. Concerning this quail farming business, you can learn it via correspondence, in fact we are almost through with our ebook, but the only prblem is where you will get the quails from Zimbabwe. Ifyou have a place where you can get them, it is really a good business.

  17. brian says:

    hullo, am from Uganda and I was wondering how I can market these birds abroad as we have them in plenty here. I would also like to know how to get that training book since I would like to involve more farmers into the business. contact me on +256778721831.

  18. aliyu says:

    please i am in cameroon and interested in the business. how can the birds get to me here in douala and 4 how long.and how much shall it cost me for 200 birds 4 a start.thanks

    • Sincerely, I don’t know how to get the birds across to you over there. The only option is if you have somebody coming o Nigeria, he can help you get them from us. Three weeks 200 birds cost N70000 ( i.e. N350 per birds). Thank you.

  19. Qasim says:

    Thank you very much 4 dis informative & educative article, pls am really interested in d business, can u send d training booklet to me and how to market it, pls do me dat favour, am available in Ibadan, Lagos & Ogun state.

  20. Desire says:

    I would be coming to Ogbomoso to meet with you and do a 1 day training and see how we can monitize the beautiful magical birds prosperity both for health and wealth, your quite a good marketer and quite charismatic

    • Hi Desire.
      Sorry for the late reply. It’s good you have interest in this wonderful business (Quail birds farming). I’m looking forward to your coming, but try to call to book appointment with me before coming. Thanks

  21. Ademolu Onabajo says:

    Hi sir, am an agric investor. Having gone thru your writeup, and having heard a lot about this quail farming i got interested. I want to train my staff in this quail farming what are the requirement?

  22. Hi, I’m from Philippines. I watched some videos about quail farming. And tried to raise about 50 females with 5 males. They can lay eggs of at least 43-50 a day. It can only consume of about 1 and a half kilo of laying mass. So, it can give me a profit of almost half the cost of the feeds daily. Lucky in here there’s no problem in marketing quail eggs.

    The only problem is I don’t have money to buy more (hundreds) and also I am in a subdivision and some neighbors don’t like the noise of the male quail.

    Thanks for sharing, I will try my best to get some money to buy more quails.

  23. jennifer says:

    Pls am in Enugu and am interested in this farming biz. I do chicken farming too. Where do i get this birds in enugu? Thanks for the information.

  24. Adebanjo Adeolu says:

    Hi Ojekunle, nice job keep up the good work.

    just came across your site while searching for some low cost business ideas and i must say i am impressed with your work,

    Please i need more information on the start up of this quail business in terms of market demand , finance, risk and threat associated with it, and more importantly availability of these birds.

    Also, how far can a N30,000 start up capital get you.

    Thanks, looking forward to hear from you.

  25. rosemary says:

    Hi i find your article interesting pls how can i get quail birds in Port Harcourt?
    and how can i also be trained and how can i get the manual as well?

  26. olusola says:

    Hello, wao this is a good one. When I first saw the eggs, I thought they were lizard eggs. I am a poutry farmer but do only chickens for now. Please, How much is a day old? Do they lay eggs daily? Like how is the egg sold? Which feed do they take layers or broiler feed? How many males is adequate for how many females? Then you are only emphasising on the eggs, what about the meet, is it delicious? Thanks

    • Hi olushola.
      Sorry for the late reply. A day old cost between N100 and N120 depending on your location but it is not advisable for first timer to go for a day old. You can start with 2 weeks since you have experience in poultry farming. They lay eggs daily but production is around 75% meaning some may skip some days.
      A create of egg cost between N500 and N700 now depending on your location.
      They feed on poultry feeds as well.
      The best ratio is 1:1 meaning for every one female youmust put a male, but for commercial purpose we recommend a male to 2 females.
      Both the meat and the eggs are good but the egg is more profitable then the meatsince the birds are small.

  27. olusola says:

    Still expecting a reply, tanks

  28. olusola says:

    Expecting a reply
    olusola recently posted…What We Stand For…My Profile

  29. Oyebiyi Babajide says:

    I’m interested and I stay in Ilorin, pretty close to Ogbomoso. My only issue is marketing.
    And pls what is the life span of a quail bird?

  30. Victor Gonzales says:


    Found your article very informative and interesting. Actually I already started this quail farming with 50 heads just few months ago, just want to know from you how to feed properly the quails to maximize profit. is it 3X a day or ad libitum (unlimited feeding)?
    Please advise…..thank you.

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